Surface water charges and rebates

21 January, 2015

Did you know that you can get a rebate on your surface water charges if you can prove the following:

1. The rainwater from your roof falls to the gutter system and then to either: A waterbutt or Raincatcher rainwater storage system that features a throttled attenuation valve or a 50:50 rainwater storage system, this means that the rainwater storage vessel fills up and then can overflow to a soakaway, an underground further rainwater storage system connected to a soakaway or a soakaway.

2. An underground soakaway: This can be a 50:50 dual rainwater storage system that features half storage of rainwater with the other half being directed to an underground soakaway.

3. A soakaway. This is formed by wrapping storm crates in a geotextile membrane which in-turn gives you a 95% void. The system is usually preceded by a silt trap to gather any detritus prior to entering the soakaway. The rainwater falls on to the roof, goes down the downspout and in to what appears to be a gully, the difference being that the gully is connected to the soakaway rather that the standard surface water system usually in house developments.